"Seller": Norwegian Air Shuttle, organization number 965 920 358 with address PO Box 115, NO-1330 Fornebu, Norway. Seller's main activity is related to aviation and the company is subject to government approval procedures in accordance with the Norwegian Aviation Act.

"Buyer": The person who pays Norwegian Reward for the gift card.

"Recipient": The person the buyer chooses to give the gift card to, or possibly the Buyer if the gift card is not passed on.

1. The gift card can be used for full or partial payment of flight tickets and other related services with the airline Norwegian. The value of the gift card is in Norwegian Reward's currency, CashPoints. 1 CashPoint = 1 NOK (Norwegian Krone).

2. The Buyer of the gift card is free to choose the value of the gift card. The gift card is paid in full immediately prior to delivery and is delivered electronically as a PDF document to the Buyer via email. The Buyer is responsible for forwarding the gift card either electronically or by printing it out and giving it to the recipient. The gift card value is specified in a CashPoint amount which corresponds to the same amount in NOK (Norwegian Kroner). A gift card with a value of 1,000 CashPoints will therefore correspond to 1,000 NOK (Norwegian Kroner). A Norwegian Reward membership is not required to purchase a gift card.

3. The Recipient of the gift card must either be or become a member of Norwegian Reward in order to use the value of the gift card for flight tickets or other related services with the airline Norwegian. A membership to Norwegian Reward requires a profile and is free. The Recipient must redeem their gift card on Norwegian Reward's website (www.norwegianreward.com/redeem) in order to make the CashPoints available on their Norwegian profile. To purchase flight tickets with Norwegian using the gift card, the Recipient must then log on to www.norwegian.com to book flight tickets through their Norwegian profile.

4. The gift card cannot be exchanged into cash, and the points are valid in the current year + 1 year from the time of purchase.

5. The Seller assumes no responsibility for stolen, unauthorised use of, lost or otherwise misplaced gift cards. The Buyer is solely responsible that the specified email is correct and is also responsible for ensuring that the recipient can legally use the gift card. The Seller assumes no liability in connection with gift cards that for various reasons cannot be used. The Buyer is responsible for making the Recipient aware of the terms and conditions which apply for the gift card.

6. Norwegian gift cards are non-refundable and non-returnable.

7. It is not possible to earn CashPoints on flight tickets and other products and services that have been paid with CashPoints.

8. Purchase of gift cards for commercial purposes is not permitted. Violation of this term will, without notice, result in deletion of the profile in question.

9. The resale of gift cards is not permitted.

10. The Buyer does not earn CashPoints on the purchase of gift cards. The Buyer cannot use CashPoints to purchase gift cards.

11. The gift card cannot be redeemed until 72 hours after the time of purchase.

12. These terms and conditions are subject to Norwegian law and any dispute shall be settled by Norwegian courts. Any complaints or claims related to the services that the Recipient has used the gift card for are subject to the rules and dispute resolutions applicable to such services.

13. The Seller reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions for purchase and use of gift cards at any time.